Foreign student ? 外国学生吗 ? ¿Estudiante extranjero?

French health system

  • When you're ill, you have to go to the general practitioner. You get a prescription from your doctor, and you get your medication from the pharmacist. 


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You're not eligible for french social Security or you are staying for less than 3 months in France

You can subscribe to LMDE Foreign student cover. It offers a full health insurance for €624  a year.

52  €/month

Foreign student Cover
(Couverture étudiant étranger)

General practitioner and hospital cares are covered at 100% from french social security reimbursement base. Advanced payment (Tiers-payant) in case of hospitalisation in a LMDE partner hospital and after LMDE validation. Benefit from our solidarity programs and prevention bundles.

You are eligible for french Social security

You are staying in France for 3 to 9 months

You can subscribe to LMDE Foreign student healthcare for 3 to 9 months stays. It completes french social Security coverage.

39  €/month

Pack Santé étudiant étranger
(Foreign student healthcare)

General practitioners, prescribed medications at 100%
Specialized practitioners (ex dentist, gynecologist)
Optics: Simple eyeglass + eyeglass frame at 100 % + €50/2 years
Optics: Complex/very complex eyeglass + eyeglass frame at100% + €200/2 years

You are staying in France for more than 9 months

You can subscribe to LMDE classical insurances. Please click below to make a simulation.