Foreign student ? 外国学生吗 ? ¿Estudiante extranjero?

French health system

  • When you're ill, you have to go to the general practitioner. You get a prescription from your doctor, and you get your medication from the pharmacist. 
  • LMDE only manages your Social Security which means that you don't have a top up health insurance, you will only be refunded part of your healthcare expenses. 
  • LMDE manages your Social Security and top-up health insurance, you will be refunded both the mandatory and top-up part of your healthcare expenses in a single payment. 


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   Please download our leaflet for more information


Under 28 years old on the 1st of September 2017

Zen LMDEEssentielle LMDESocial Security

For at least a 3 months period in France : You are eligible for cover by the student Social Security scheme. Students from the European Economic Area : If you have a European Health Insurance Card, you are not required to register with the French Student Social Security Scheme.

Higher level of cover for your health protection

You can subscribe to an LMDE top-up health insurance scheme for a higher level of cover for your healthcare expenses.

28 years of age or older on the 1st of September 2017

You can get temporary health insurance by subscribing to LMDE International Student Cover € 52 / month.

  • a 100% refund of your everyday and hospital healthcare needs (according to the French social security refund basis)
  • a third-party payment when your are hospitalized in a partnering health center, with LMDE prior agreement
  • solidarity and preventive care benefits.